Achieving Energy Efficiency

Managing energy consumption at home and office is quite a challenge. But if energy efficiency is achieved widely across several households and offices it may bring about huge savings in energy. This is definitely beneficial for both the environment and the economy. Besides, we must learn and make proper use of renewable energy sources.
Knowing how to save electricity can help save both money and energy.
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Conservation of Natural Resources

Our planet’s resources are essential for our survival and sustenance. Hence, they need to be conserved. In fact, some of these resorces are non-renewable and thus cannot be replenished if exhausted ! We need to conserve our water, soil, forests and wildlife. Fresh water, especially, should not be wasted at any cost to avoid running into a crisis in future. We must therefore, know how to save water.
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Human-Wildlife Conflict

Human–wildlife conflict means an accidental interaction between wild animals and people and the resultant adverse impact this has on people, resources, wild animals or their habitat.The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has defined Human–wildlife conflict phenomenon as “any interaction between humans and wildlife that results in negative impacts on human social, economic or cultural life, on the conservation of wildlife populations, or on the environment.”