Go Green while traveling

Whether traveling out of need or for pleasure, choosing the appropriate means of transport can result in huge energy savings. Besides green travel helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly. Using green vehicles – whether private or public – should always be the top priority. Those who drive their own cars should follow green driving tips. So unless you are hard pressed for time , try traveling in an eco friendly manner. When planning a vacation, choose travel agencies that offer eco tourism packages.
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Go Green when Shopping

To go green while shopping one needs to look for and buy eco friendly products or green products. Such products may be energy-efficient, bio-degradable or recyled in nature. To qualify as eco-friendly products should preferably be certified by competent authorities and should have eco friendly packaging. The manner of shopping also matters – you should not be impulsive and buy only what you need. And make sure you use green shopping bags.
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Grow an Organic Garden

Gardening is a way to invite nature to your home ! And when it’s done without using synthethic fertilizers and pesticides, it’s known as organic gardening.
There’s more to gardening than displaying beautiful flowers. If space permits, you can grow some of the food you eat by making a vegetable garden.
In absence of a backyard or lawn for growing a garden, one can use containers. Even a vertical wall can be turned into a vertical garden – a concept known as “living wall” ! Paucity of space – especially in congested urban areas – has led some apartment complexes and corporates to transform the roofs of their buildings to green roofs – or rooftop gardens.
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Build an eco house

A building developed and used in an eco-friendly manner is termed as a green building. In fact, any house can be turned into an eco house through the use of energy-efficient resources, green furniture and eco-friendly maintenance materials – like green cleaning products.  Designing and building a house in a way so as to make it energy-efficient is known as green architecture. This concept makes use of sustainable building materials.
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Go Green at your Workplace

A person spends the maximum amount of time at his or her occupation, whatever that may be. Besides, a profession is a significant aspect of an individual’s life as a  person is known by what he or she does. So a  person’s greatest scope for green living is to go green at the work he or she does to make a living. Create a green office by making your workspace as eco-friendly as possible and thereby set an example that others can emulate.  Since using computers – desktops, laptops or tablets – has become an indispensable part of today’s work life, one needs to learn the art of  green computing to make energy savings there.

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Go Green when Eating

Food grown and processed organically is known as Organic Food and people intending to go green need to find, prepare and consume such food. An organic diet is essentially a balanced diet based on such organic food. A raging debate nowadays is about whether following a vegetarian diet is the ideal way to go green when eating ! But vegetarian or not, anyone wondering how to eat healthy need to give organic food a thought. But for healthy organic food to be enjoyed, it needs to be cooked properly. So it pays to browse through vegetarian recipes and prepare mouth-watering vegetarian dishes !
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Managing Waste properly

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – the three R’s are indispensable components of waste mangement. They need to be understood and practised enthusiastically. Municipalities should be urged to provide recycle bins at appropriate locations to inculcate the habit of proper waste disposal among people. In the light of the immense growth in the consumer electronics market, issues like e waste management and plastic recycling need serious consideration. Home owners need to be aware of the toxicity and hazards of some of the articles of daily use before proper household hazardous waste disposal can be expected of them.
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