International Day of Yoga – 21st June,2016

yogaday21st June has been declared by the United Nations as the International Day of Yoga. Originating in ancient India, Yoga is a 5000 year old spiritual discipline – the regular practice of which can help cure several ailments and sustain physical and mental well-being ! Apart from improving health,Yoga can – in a way – help conserve the Environment too !

As the practice of Yoga “awaken” people to their interdependence with Nature, they can be expected to become more sincere in their efforts to preserve Nature ! Besides, to stay healthy we need to ensure that our Environment is clean !

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World Environment Day June 5th, 2016 !!!


June 5th, 2016 is “World Environment Day” ! The theme this year is “fighting against the illegal trade in wildlife”  that is driving several species to the brink of extinction – upsetting ecosystems and economies! The environment is everyone’s concern – so much so that no one can afford to say “it’s not my business”! So read through this report :