How to Go Green

gl4“Green living means making sustainable choices about what we eat, how we travel, what we buy, and how we use and dispose of it. ” (Source : EPA)

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International Day of Yoga – 21st June,2016

yogaday21st June has been declared by the United Nations as the International Day of Yoga. Originating in ancient India, Yoga is a 5000 year old spiritual discipline – the regular practice of which can help cure several ailments and sustain physical and mental well-being ! Apart from improving health,Yoga can – in a way – help conserve the Environment too !

As the practice of Yoga “awaken” people to their interdependence with Nature, they can be expected to become more sincere in their efforts to preserve Nature ! Besides, to stay healthy we need to ensure that our Environment is clean !

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World Environment Day June 5th, 2016 !!!


June 5th, 2016 is “World Environment Day” ! The theme this year is “fighting against the illegal trade in wildlife”  that is driving several species to the brink of extinction – upsetting ecosystems and economies! The environment is everyone’s concern – so much so that no one can afford to say “it’s not my business”! So read through this report :

World Wildlife Day 2016


3rd March, 2016 is World Wildlife Day. The United Nation‘s theme for this year is “The future of wildlife is in our hands” !

The prime focus this year is on saving African and Indian elephants. World Wildlife Day provides a platform to appreciate the
diverse wild flora and fauna that has helped make this planet beautiful. Conservation of Wildlife is important for maintaining ecological balance and economic well-being.  Worldwide, a number of species are losing their habitat due to rampant farming and industrial development. Another major threat is that of illegal trafficking in wildlife by transnational groups of organized criminals. Let’s do our bit
to help protect wildlife.
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Environmental Awareness

No lasting solution to the environmental crisis can ever be achieved unless there are efforts to educate the people at all levels. While students can be taught through awareness programs and activities at their institutes, more dexterous ways need to be devised for educating the people at large. The Governmental bodies and social organizations working for environmental causes can employ the mass media in this regard. Public awareness campaigns can be launched whenever and wherever feasible.

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Wear Green

Your dress is a reflection of your personality and you can use your style statement to convey your concern for the environment. You need to think green throughout your dress’s life-cycle – right from buying the right organic fabric, maintaining it sustainably and discarding it responsibly. The fibre of eco friendly clothing may be plant-based, animal-based, regenerative or recycled synthetic in nature. A fabric cannot just be termed as eco-friendly simply because it’s made from a natural fibre. Its production process is also an important factor to consider. The best option is therefore to choose clothes certified as eco-friendly by competent authorities.
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